Good Reasons to Invest in Casablanca


Casablanca, economic metropolis of the Kingdom, aims to strengthen its position as a national locomotive, it has a considerable attraction for Moroccan and foreign investors for the following reasons:

• First port of Morocco with 60% of trade
• First industrial center with more than one third of industrial establishments of the country, 50% of the added value, 48% of investments.
• First Financial Place with 30% of banking network and all the seats of Banks and Insurance.
• Prime contributor to job creation with over 46% of the population of Morocco.
Furthermore, Casablanca records of good performance, compared to the national average in education, teaching and medical coverage.

With this momentum, the region presents an undeniable attraction for investors and for young people seeking a comfortable living with modern environment.

The objective of the region is to maintain and strengthen this momentum through the implementation of development projects and structuring high added value.

Today, several sites are open in the economic, social, urban, touristic and cultural development.

1. The beautification of the cornice

- The Port of Casablanca

Marina de Casablanca is a developmental project which aims at positioning the city in the bosom of the major cities.
Its strategic position between the sea and the city center and its innovative concept will give new impetus to touristic positioning of the city.

- Coastal Redevelopment

The objective of this project is to bring the coastline through the establishment of a comprehensive development program. He suggested ways and means to ensure better articulation of the waterfront, including projects envisaged by the CDG, with the various components of the city.

2. The revival of the historic heart of the city

- Old Medina

Enclave from the rest of the city, the old Medina is the subject of a reclamation project which involves the restoration of places, streets and urban landmarks as the definition and development of touristic circuits

- Heritage

Local authorities in Casablanca attach particular importance to this issue. Now it is a dimension that is integrated into any environment.
3. Facilitating mobility

- Urban Travel Plan

Facilitating mobility is a major challenge facing the region in Casablanca. An urban mobility plan is being finalized. It allows:

- A detailed diagnosis and of future current problems.
- Identification of projects to improve the traffic flow and the safety of users.
- A clear idea about the adjustments to be made concerning infrastructure.

- Casablanca Tramway

- Structuring and flagship project for the city, the tram is now enshrined in the priority actions. To this end, the City Council has signed a partnership agreement with the city of Bordeaux. An action plan is being launched.

- Addressing and staking

The strategy for addressing and staking of the city is now finalized. It will:

- Establish a repository address management.
- Ensure consistency and better signage of the city.
- Implement a GIS system of Geographic identity .

4. Improving services to the urban environment

- Cleanliness, sanitation and lighting classified as one of the main priorities of the city, cleanliness and public lighting has been a proactive approach for a fast, consistent and fullest possible.

- Street

  The network of roads in the region of Casablanca is one of the problems facing everyday citizens. That is why the City Council and the local authorities have attached particular importance, especially to break down certain areas and improve the traffic.

- Green Spaces

Particular efforts were devoted to the urgent rehabilitation of existing parks and creating new green spaces. An irrigation and lighting system was introduced.

5. Casablanca, intelligent city

- Casa Shore Park

Flagship project on the environment, Casa Shore Park is also a novel campus concept which will create over 30 000 jobs and enable Casablanca to have a clear positioning for development and computer services.

At the international level, such a project will give Casablanca an image of a modern city that demonstrates its ability to innovate and catch up with the best global standards in technology.

- Redevelopment of the area of the airfield Casa-Anfa

The structuring project will allow the city to build a new urban center with areas dedicated to economic activities, housing and green spaces.
It is a catalyst project that will allow the city to project into the future.