the Barometer of the Real Estate Enterprise of the Greater Casablanca
On the sidelines of the second edition of IMMO PRO, the market of enterprise real estate,the  Regional center of Investissement (CRI) of Greater Casablanca published the results of the first barometer C.R.I of  business real estate of the Grand Casablanca ®. 


The study, conducted among a representative sample of 600 companies in the Grand Casablanca constitutes a reliable tool to enable the sector operators to assess, qualitatively and quantitatively, the potential development of real estate in Greater Casablanca. This barometer will thus provide, once a year, indicators and trends on the needs of local activities, storage, office and commercial felt by the leaders of a representative sample for the enterprise of the region. The needs for building ground for companies wanting to build their own premises has also been probed.  These data will thus evaluate the potential development of the market on the Grand Casablanca. The barometer also provides information on levels of satisfaction of business leaders compared with their current location, and the reasons for dissatisfaction and their expectations of change in comparison to the actual premises, but also to infrastructure and services. With this tool, operators can now move towards the practices and standards that will ensure the best possible match between supply and company needs. The study conducted by the Cabinet “Créargie Maroc” allows analysis per type of real estate products, for sale and lease, per geographic area and type of company, according to  segmentation per sector, per size and geographic area. The Regional Center of Investment (C.R.I) will allow, at the disposal of investors and operators of the sector, the details of the analysis provided by the Barometer.  

Source: Casainvest

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