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You create your own business but you do not have a headquarters and you do not want to bear the costs and rental charges for a room which you do not need. We propose  commercial and fiscal domiciliation  with very attractive price. 

"Le Centre Domiciliation de l'Enterprise" brings you all the knowledge and experience of its staff to accompany you in all your administrative procedures.

So we offer you a prestigious and ideal fiscal domiciliation for making a good impression on your customers and prospects. Its profit has resulted from the use of its address as the headquarters for Registration to the clerk’s office and on all your commercial documents and tax.

To help the smooth running of your projects, our watchwords are: responsiveness and flexibility. Whatever your demands and your delays are, our teams will still be able to offer you efficient and immediate solutions.

Whether you are:

A national or international company,

An PMF in creation or in development of implantation,

An entrepreneur,

A commercial executive, a nomad,

A TPE, consultant, a liberal ...

We propose :  

-- fiscal domiciliation of your company.

-- Assistance in setting up your business.

-- Assistance in choosing the legal status of the company.

-- Assistance with third parties, banks, solicitors, lawyers.

-- Establishment of training plans.




Human Resources.

Shipping and Receiving letters to the request.


Legal Assistance for your company
Are you looking for information concerning a fiscal domiciliation in order to submit your tax obligations? Your option is appropriate because we are obtaining new information on a fiscal domiciliation; you avoid living unexpected and unwelcome situations. The services of a tax accounting of our Central Business “Le Centre de Domiciliation de l’Entreprise” are required to this aim.

We are considered responsible for making you benefit from an office in case of fiscal or social investigation.

Our accounting rates are based on your needs and depending on your needs and according to your address in Casablanca, we can visit your company or work in our offices thanks to a shipment of your documents. It is also possible to work directly on your computer remotely from our offices. 

A few points in terms of legislation

For a domiciliation:

”Le Centre de Domiciliation de l’Entreprise” is also a legal assistance service.

You represent your fiscal and commercial address in “Le centre de Domiciliation de l’Entreprise.”  

The domiciliation must be in accordance with the legislation:

Last provision of premises for general assemblies.
Declaration of the clerk of the court of commerce and the service of the taxes.

For a postal address:

You use the address of “Le Centre de  Domiciliation de l’Enterprise” as simple correspondence address separate from the address of the headquarters or from the address of a possible secondary establishment.

Fiscal Domiciliation: use

-- Use of the address on your business documents (letterhead, business cards ...),

-- Receive your mail,

-- Guard mail to our local or forward it,

-- Receive your packages and special folds.

Legal Assistance, details
Formalities, management, consultancy ... “Le Centre de  Domiciliation de l’Entreprise” may lend its experience in:

-- The constitution of company,

-- The General Assemblies,

-- The transfer of shares,

-- Change of manager

-- The transfer of headquarters

-- The legal announcement ,

-- The registration in the clerk’s office(travel and warehouse).



If you decide to suspend your address contract nothing is easier, you should report it 3 months in advance and give us your new address in order to register it at the court of commerce. The cancellation of the contract is not to pay, but just a simple administrative formality, no fee will be requested.

If you do not pay anymore your domiciliation on every deadline we will not be held responsible for the rejection of your mail in our mailboxes and we would be obliged to proceed with the cancellation of your company and refer the tax office from the 6th unpaid month.

The non-renewal of the contract will be reported to the commercial court so that it proceeds to the radiation of the mentioned company at our address.

There is no outstanding security deposit during the signature, only the payment of one quarter's advance, the presentation of the identity card of the manager and the company statutes allow you to have a contract of domiciliation.  

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