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Le Centre de Domiciliation de l'Entreprise is a business-Service proposing solutions, equipped offices located in Casablanca and shared services, for national and international companies.
Whatever the project is: to create or develop an activity, completing a punctual mission, avoid a momentary overloaded activity.

Le Centre de Domiciliation de l'Entreprise offers a full range
of services:

Domiciliation which comes in different forms:

·         Le Centre de Domiciliation de l'Entreprise provides the best possible price and quality, establishing a headquarters or a business address. ·         The commercial relay will launch a hotline and fax held by a competent staff available, in addition to the occasional rental of an equipped office. ·         The phone offers a professional and personal host in the name of your company. 
Messages can be taken back by telephone fax, email or SMS.
They are stored on a server accessed remotely via the Internet.


All the necessary logistics for your business is offered:
Offices, all charges and taxes, sized according to your needs, furnished and equipped with powerful means of communication.
- Services included:
address, mail, telephone and welcoming visitors
- A range of on-demand secretary services, booking, shipping, photocopying, fax, meeting room, audio and video.
Effective ways to share costs, invoices depending on use.

Fixed costs become variable.

For your meetings, or your video teleconferences,
Le Centre de Domiciliation de l'Entreprise welcomes you to its meetings room.
Le Centre de Domiciliation de l'Entreprise, is a network of independent professionals offers customized solutions.