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Preferring to work on their own without having to create a company and bear the heavy administrative and financial tasks, it is in this context that Le Centre Domiciliation de l’Entreprise provides consultants and project holders, an attractive alternative: the wage Portage .

This opportunity allows them to achieve their missions by becoming self-employed. They have a framework that provides personalized support promoting the realization of their projects and a frame that gives them financially the maximum chance of success to achieve their missions without having the status of workers.


The wage Portage  also known as wage accommodation , made especially for professionals, experts, consultants, trainers, and service providers who are fully autonomous in their marketing and business missions.

It allows you to act as self-employed without having to create your legal structure.

This is also a mean to evolve gradually and safely towards becoming an entrepreneur in your project testing under real conditions.

You join and subscribe a hosting Wage convention (free) called "Convention portage" which establishes the rules of your activity in the structure of Le Centre Domiciliation de l’Entreprise.

You explore your own customers and negotiate the terms of your mission (content, planning, financial conditions ...) in accordance with Le Centre Domiciliation de l’Entreprise.
 Once defined the mission, two separate contracts are established: 

  • Le Centre Domiciliation de l’Entreprise sign with your client the contract of provision which is relevant to your negotiation.
  • At the same time you sign a contract with Le Centre Domiciliation l’Entreprise that becomes your employer for the achievement of the mission.

Le Centre Domiciliation de l’Entreprise invoices your client, and manages the coverings and pays you monthly after a deduction of management fees. It is loaded for the administrative and social activity by transforming your fees into wages.

By the portage wage, you work on your own account as an employed.

Interest for speaker

  • Creating your business without creating a legal structure.
  • Establishing and maintaining your customers.
  • Devoting yourself exclusively to your work.
  • Managing your time in harmony with your social life.
  • Valuing your career and your image.


  • Do not waste time on administrative tasks, accounting, fiscal and so on.
  • Do not to risk your personal assets
  • Benefiting from employee status (social security, pensions, retirement)
  • Transforming disability of age into an asset (the experience is valued for a consultant).
  • Integrating the dynamics of a network of experts of Le Centre Domiciliation de l’Entreprise.
  • Benefiting from professional liability insurance.
  • Benefiting from the organism trainer of Le Centre Domiciliation de l’Entreprise.

As a part of the wage portage  we manage for you the administrative aspects and we help you to have your own customers that you keep when you will create your own company.

You can also under the wage portage  combine jobs and pensions. Whether you work full or part time, or you are retired, this position gives you the opportunity to realize your projects in the best conditions. 


 Profiles of speakers

  • Entrepreneur (aims at validating the project and moving without risk towards a minimum turnover to cover the costs of dealing with the legal structure).


  • Consultant in payments or testing a new employer.
  • Consultant or trainer (who wishes to free up from the administrative constraints, accounting and fiscal to devote himself exclusively to his profession).
  • Graduate (who wants to get a first experience in business).
  • Consultant in job searching.
  • Retired, early retired (who wishes to maintain reduced and additional income).

    Support and commitment to quality

The wage portage  is a partnership with the consultants. As a part of your contract, you'll assign a manager who knows your case and will guide you in developing your business.

Thus, all the specifications and contracts signed under the wage portage  are controlled, drafted and approved by one of the biggest consultancy firms in the social legislation.

Please contact us for more information.