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Today, thanks to domiciliation contractors or entrepreneurs you can benefit from a legal address, without having to install your own premises. Thus, the costs of setting up an outpost are greatly reduced, as well as operating costs, while the company conducts an activity where the possession of premises is not of great need.

The commercial domiciliation is intended for companies (SARL, EURL SA, SNC, SCI, Civil Society ...), artisans, professionals, associations ... to establish their headquarters and branches at our business address.

Our experience enables us to provide each of our customers "a debit card" tailored to their activities and specifics of their legal status.

We offer:

  • A headquarter or a branch with a beautiful address in the heart of the merchant district of Casablanca at 64 bd. Allal Ben Abdellah BP 20200 Casablanca-Morocco,an address on your documents and administrative expenses.
  • An address contract
  • The reception and daily monitoring of your letters and mails and your packages, with daily return or made available in our offices.
  • The use, by appointment, an office to receive your customers and suppliers. The reception of your trading partners: in your absence, we ensure continuity with your contacts.


Commercial Domiciliation

For a long time or specific mission, we offer a complete structure with a prestigious address.
We supply you with business advice and offering support business services of domiciliation, location of offices, training rooms and meeting facilities, hosting companies and secretarial telephone companies and the organization of events and training for businesses.
Le Centre de domiciliation de l'entreprise is a company designed to help entrepreneurs in order to develop their activities in an administrative and legal performance.
We can also help, with support and advice for independent entrepreneurs, job seekers and others wishing to benefit from porter wage.

Thus, le centre de domiciliation de l'entreprise offers a wide range of services that correspond to all the needs and expectations in creating or developing a firm.
These services are adjustable and adaptable to the needs of our clients.
Commercial domiciliation for enterprise>
A prestigious address to communicate and to develop your activity
Home telephone>
Always connected, and give the best image of your company
Secretary telephone absence>
The agenda shared in real time and its various applications
Equipped Office rental >
Packaged solutions, comprehensive and competitive, flexible at a time.
Rental of meeting rooms>
Comfortable and functional Meeting rooms.     


Commercial domiciliation for firm

Our service and postal commercial domiciliation is available to all types of companies, already in operation or under development and offer you the opportunity to have a real business address in Casablanca in an office building in the business center, just as if you had decided to rent office space at this address and establish a real border between professional and private life.
You will of course get the opportunity to use our address as the address of registered office for your company and to insert this address in your official documents (headed paper, business cards, etc.)...

You will receive mails from our business center -we can also send you mails to your home or any other address-in complete transparency, without even having to mention the name of our Business Center.

Our commercial domiciliation contracts are very flexible. A deposit of an amount of 1,100 dirham (100 euros) is applied to the signing of this contract. Payments are made quarterly in advance by direct debit.

We also offer a program designed by our team that you can follow at any time when mail arrives for your company but also packages and potential visitors.

In monthly payments:

Our formulas


       Rates HT / month


Domiciliation  without mail forwarding 

-First bill 

-Invoices following




         1100 dirhams       

           270 dirhams 


Domiciliation with mail

forwarding form libre

First bill 

Invoices following


Option A100 dh / month + postage at actual cost




         1200 dirhams     

           370 dirhams 


Domiciliation with forwarding mail twice a week                                   

- First bill

- Invoices following


Postage included



         1310 dirhams     

           490 dirhams 




In annual regulation (up to 36% of economy):   


Our formulas


Rates HT / year


Domiciliation without mail forwarding



           2640 dirhams


Domiciliation  with mail forwarding formula

Free postage, in addition, are quarterly billed


   3840 dirhams


Domiciliation with forwarding mail twice a week


Postage are included in this rate


   5220 dirhams


Domiciliation with mail forwarding all day

Postage are included in this rate


6420 dirhams


                                          Telephone Company

Our telephone hotline for company allows you to be reachable at all times to give the image of a company and installed with several colleagues and retrieve information easily and in real time: pre-stalled musical response without waiting for your company, pleasant welcome and cared for from our employees, call scenario worked and executed carefully, capture accurate information, form taking personal information, calibration management and emergency Management agenda ... everything is done to give a very positive image of your business, meet your audience and offer the best opportunity to address these contacts then successfully and quickly develop your business.

You are informed throughout the day and real-time calls by e-mail and SMS, library messages, calendar, manager's instructions and the library of shared files.
You can give us new instructions that we will take into account immediately and change your standard. 


Secretary telephone absence

Your assistant left and you have decided to run your business without hiring a new assistant, however you want to feel comfortable in your work and get quality service worthy of the name of your business, you take leave but you want to find a well-supplied agenda when you return ... our secretarial service telephone absence is for you, whether for a week or year round!
We suggest you to give us your telephone line full-time or at certain times of day - from 8:00 to 12:00 and 14:00 to 19:00 from Monday to Friday - and to fully devote to your customers and your business.

We can put you in direct relationship with customers who wish to speak directly and interact with you by phone and handle your calls exactly as you want.
Thanks to an ADSL or classic internet connection, you can be free to view your calendar in real time, add new appointments, send us a request for information, we do confirm or move appointments or edit your specific or permanent guidelines.

Our ten years of experience in the secretarial field enabled us to shape gradually these tools and methods.


Rental of equipped offices

Specific locations

Our offices are receiving at your disposal for one hour, a half-day, full day or for several days. You can make reservations by phone, by e-mail or fax, flexibility, without a contract. The home visitors and coffee service are included in benefits.


Our formulas


Rate HT


One hour


An hour reception office chair with executive chairs and two visitors.


      29 euros/320 dh

A half-day

A half-day office reception with executive chair and two chairs visitors or meeting room with a capacity of six people.

      54 euros/595 dh

A day

A day Office reception with executive chair and two chairs visitors or meeting room with a capacity of six people

      65 euros/715 dh


Long Term Rentals

Our offices equipped are spacious, quiet, and functional they were made to provide you with comfort. All charges and services are integrated into a single tariff and our team is present to make your day enjoyable. You also have access to a kitchenette that can fulfill many services: ambiance "Business" assured.

Our comprehensive packages include the following: rent, building costs, insurance, taxes, security fees, maintenance, electricity, address, provision of meeting rooms and office reception once a month, host your visitors, and telephone integrating the treatment of 50 calls during a whole month from 8:00 to 12:00 and 14:00 to 19.00 Monday to Friday, and subscription access to one or two phone lines, ADSL broadband access our photocopiers and fax machines, postage and receipt of mail daily.


Our formulas





Office workstation, executive chair, two visitors chairs, large wardrobe, roller cabinet, desk lamp, telephone, coats. Subscription and access to two telephone lines. A high-speed Internet access.    

Rates HT/ month


485 euros/5335 dh




Rental of meeting rooms

We have within our center a functional meeting room.

We can offer optional availability of a bottle of mineral water per person, breakfast, coffee breaks, and lunch trays with meals and organize your reservations at some restaurants if you like.

Broadly speaking, our team is at your disposal to support you in organizing your meeting and ensure the proper conduct of it.

You can make reservations by phone, by e-mail or fax without a contract.


How to make a contract:
  By providing us with the following:
- Copies of ID
- Copy of proof of residence
- Copy of K-bis, in the case of a transfer seat
- Your payment
- By passing through our offices.
- By mail.
- Or by e-mail ( Cet e-mail est protégé contre les robots collecteurs de mails, votre navigateur doit accepter le Javascript pour le voir )
- Either by downloading a contract: (download)

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